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LastCapsule Inc. collects personal data of the user in providing the service.

About Policy Appliance

This Privacy Policy is applied when LastCapsule collects, uses and manages the user's personal data in providing this service. LastCapsule may provide this privacy policy in multiple languages. In that case, the Japanese version is applied to the user living in Japan, and the English version is applied to other areas.

About Personal Data Collection Target

LastCapsule collects the following information from the user in providing the service. - Information provided by the users himself or herself - Activities of the user on LastCapsule - Information about apps, browsers and devices

About Purpose of Personal Data Usage

LastCapsule collects and uses personal data of the user for the following purposes - To provide the service - To improve the service - To execute the necessary measures in operating the service - To notify the necessary matters in operating the service - To prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized use

About Cookies and The Like

LastCapsule collects cookies and the like stored on the user's device for the purpose of providing the service and analyzing the service and advertising and improvement of the service. LastCapsule may associate the personal data of the cookies and the likes. LastCapsule manages the cookies according to this policy with the view that the cookies associated with the personal data are also personal data. We provide information such as cookies to third party platforms operated by third party companies (such as Google Analytics) and obtain the browsing history of the web and the analysis results collected by these third parties. These may be used for the purpose of advertising distribution, etc., linked to the user's personal data. LastCapsule provides cookies and the likes to the trusted third parties(such as Google Analytics) and receives the browsing history and analysis from the third parties and may associate them and personal data of the user and may utilize them for some purpose like advertising.

About Measures for Personal Data Protection

LastCapsule takes necessary measures for preventing the collected information from leakage, loss, damage and for other appropriate management of collected information. LastCapsule has taken the following measures. The specific contents of the measures will be answered in response to the request from the user in response to the request from the user inquiry specified in this policy. - development of basic policy and development of discipline related to handling personal data - executing the measures to prevent theft, loss, fraud, etc. of equipment that handles personal data

About Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

LastCapsule does not provide the collected personal data to third parties without the consent of the user. In the following cases, it is not considered as the provision of the personal information to the third party. - When LastCapsule provides the personal data accompanied by entrusting all or part of the management of personal data within the range of the necessity to provide the service to the user. - When the personal data is provided with the succession of the business due to merger and other reasons. LastCapsule entrusts payment processing to Stripe Inc. For the handling of credit cards and other payment information, Stripe's privacy policy is applied. LastCapsule entrusts identity verification to the external services(veriff, Nexway).For the handling of the information for identity verification, those services's privacy policy are applied. LastCapsule uses Google Analytics provided by Google LLC to understand the usage of the service and improve the service.For the information collected by Google Analytics, the Google Analytics's privacy policy is applied. Since LastCapsule uses Google Analytics consent mode, it will not provide information to Google Analytics unless the user has consented to this service. LastCapsule uses Google Forms provided by Google LLC for input forms such as its inquiry form. For the information collected via Google Forms, the Google Forms' privacy policy is applied.

About Changes of This Privacy Policy

LastCapsule may change this policy according to the need for laws and regulations and business needs. When LastCapsule changes this policy, it will post that on its website. When this policy is changed, LastCapsule strives to keep the past policy visible from the user even after the change.

About Procedures for Disclosure or Correction

The user may make the following requests and claims to LastCapsule in accordance with this policy and the relevant under the Law(Act on the Protection of Personal Information) in Japan - requests for notification for the purpose of use of personal data - requests for personal information or the information provided by third party - requests for correction, addition or deletion of personal data - requests for suspension of use of personal data - requests for suspension of provision to third parties of personal data For the above requests, the user needs to submit documents (driver's license, health insurance card, copy of resident cards, etc.) for identity verification. For the above requests, the user will be charged a 1000 yen fee for each case. Please note.


LastCapsule responds to inquiries such as questions and complaints about the management of personal data without delay.

The inquiry window is the link below.


Please see the link below for the name, address and representative's name of LastCapsule as the personal data administrator.

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