LastCapsule as a Time Capsule of this new generation

Sleep secure without anyone knowing until the day arrives

Capsules sleep secure in the LastCapsule system until the due open day without anyone knowing. You can leave any data in your capsule with safety and security, even if it is disadvantageous information for your life.

Everyone in the future can find your capsule

LastCapsule is the thing for the future. It may be a gift from you to the future. When the due open date comes, capsules will be made public to everyone living in the world. Your capsule may be viewed from the person who knows you, the person who doesn't know you, or the existence other than human.

Looking back on the history of Time Capsules

Let's look back on the history of time capsules. The term "Time Capsule" is said to be first used in 1939 in the United States when the Westinghouse Time Capsule was sealed. This time capsule was intended for humans 5,000 years from that time, but since ancient times, human beings have been trying to preserve something for future generations. LastCapsule is the idea that makes such activities further better. Traditional time capsules often have problems such as following. - It is extremely difficult for an individual to create a time capsule that can be opened by someone at exactly the scheduled time. - It is often undefined what happens to the contents of the capsule after opening. - The contents of the capsule often deteriorate over time LastCapsule solves these problems, and evolves the concept of time capsules.

Anytime is not too early to create your LastCapsule!

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