FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

What is LastCapsule?

LastCapsule is "a Digital Time Capsule that lasts until the end of the universe". In LastCapsule, You can create your digital time capsule and stuff your various contents. The created time capsule will be opened and published at the due open date that you decided and then remain public forever.

Can I use LastCapsule as "Will"?

No. LastCapsule is not a service designed for the purpose of "express intentions about inheritance of property after death" and has no legal effect as a will.

Is LastCapsule really "eternal"? Is it reliable?

Yes. You can find the theories that make LastCapsule eternal at the link below.

Can I set the capsule's due open date to anytime I want?

Yes. It can be set from 2 days after today to 5000 years after today.

Could the existence of the unopened capsule be known from the outside?

No. "The presence of the capsule" and "The presence of the user account of LastCapsule" are hidden from outside until the capsule is opened.

Until when can I edit the unopened capsule.

You can edit your capsule until 2 days before the due open date.

Can I edit my capsule after it is opened?

No. You can not edit or delete your capsule once after it is opened.

When should I create my LastCapsule?

Whenever you like. However, as a general trend, people tend to lose their energy as they age, so it may be the best day for that when you feel like creating LastCapsule. We recommend you to create LastCapsule when you hit upon the thing you want to put LastCapsule in.

How far in the future should I set my LastCapsule's open date?

The appropriate open date depends on the contents of the capsule and the person creating it.The date you choose might be the best open date. However if you think it's hard to decide, how about setting it to 10 years after you might be left.10 years would be enough to let the memory about you to sink in the deep sea of the human brain. * If you include contents for which someone owns any intellectual property rights, make sure the open date is after the expiration of those rights.

Do I need to pay to use LastCapsule service?

Yes. Please check the link below for LastCapsule's price.

Does the price change depending on the due open date?

No.The price doesn't change no matter how far the due open date is.

It seems expensive. Is that a fair price?

Yes. It is not inexpensive as a cup of coffee, but necessary to achieve "eternity". Just for reference, the cost is much cheaper than "self publishing an autobiography".

Is there any way to use LastCapsule for free?

LastCapsule provides "Free Trial Capacity" to every user. Within "Free Trial Capacity" you can try LastCapsule's functions such as creating a capsule, editing contents, etc... * The capsule created within "Free Trial Capacity" will stay closed even after it comes the due open date and will be deleted 30 days after its creation.

Are there any restrictions with "Free Trial Capacity"

Within "Free Trial Capacity", you can create only 1 capsule and you can store contents in the capsule up to 500MB. The capsule created within "Free Trial Capacity" will stay closed even after it comes the due open date and will be deleted 30 days after its creation.

What is the gift code?

This is a code that expands the usage limit of LastCapsule when used. You can use it from LastCapsule's "Gift Code" screen.

Do gift codes have an expiration date?


Can I use the gift code I issued by myself?


It seems that identity verification is required before creating a capsule. What is needed to verify the identity?

To verify your identity, it is required to take and submit pictures of your identification document and selfie. You need to prepare a smartphone and your identification document(Passport or Driver license or ID Card or Residence permit).

It seems that identification document submission is required, there is concern about information leakage. Are there adequate security measures for that?

Yes. Rather than doing in-house identity verification, LastCapsule selected highly reliable external eKYC companies and is outsourcing identity verification to them.