LastCapsule is "Eternal"

Meaning of "Last" of LastCapsule

The word "Last" is well known as the adjective like "final" but it also has the meaning as the verb like "remains".It is the LastCapsule's mission that the data of users disappearing from the world lasts until the end of the human history or more later.In LastCapsule, the contents of the users are unchanged eternally and saved eternally.

Anti-deleting policy

We do not delete the user contents. If they should not be available from current ethical viewpoint or other reasons, LastCapsule restricts access to those contents for some years or decades or centuries.This policy is based on the prediction that any contents will become socially acceptable over time.

All kinds of extinction tolerance

LastCapsule uses all kinds of possible measures to avoid the extinction of the user contents. LastCapsule is currently taking the following measures. - Periodical Backup of various data. LastCapsule is planning the following methods in the future. - Building an all-remote-based internationally distributed organization - Backing up to long-term storage facilities such as the Arctic World Archive - Utilizing other great technologies of the future

Theory of Eternity

Is "Eternity" really possible? There are the economical logics behind it.

Hypothesis: Storage cost converges in the super long term

It is said that the days of Moore's Law are over. However, in the long term, the cost of data should continue to decrease as technology advances.In the future, the cost may become almost negligible.

Infinite sustainability on long term funding profit

In the future LastCapsule will build its fund to operate the fees received from users.LastCapsule receives initial fees worth approximately 200 years of operating costs from users. If the fund can increase its annual investment return by 0.5% on average, it can continue to operate forever even if the cost of data does not decrease due to no technological innovation.This logic is based on the prediction that financial activities will not disappear and the worldwide economy will keep scaling as long as human exists.

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