For the world without you

LastCapsule is a platform of digital time capsules that last until the end of the universe.

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LastCapsule provides "Free Trial Capacity" to every user. Feel free to try our "eternal digital time capsule"!

Time Capsule for the world without you

LastCapsule stores every digital data you want to leave in the future.The capsule is opened when the time comes, maybe after your leave.

LastCapsule is "Eternal"

LastCapsule stores your data "forever", with no deletion and all kinds of extinction tolerance.

About the content of capsule

LastCapsule stores every kind of digital data.


500 USD(+tax) / 1 capsule

Pioneer Price
* Regular Price: 1,000 USD(+tax) / 1 capsule

What you can do with LastCapsule

With LastCapsule, You can do the following as example.

  • When people look ahead to the day that they will be gone, people tend to feel like looking back on their life and organizing them as one work. However, it is very difficult to publish something as a book such as "autobiography" or "memoir" and there are lots of restrictions. Writing and composition skills are very important in order to make it "readable", and once published, even if there is something which should be added, it is already published and cannot be edited. Many autobiographies look bragging or hypocritical whether the author intended or not, and for this reason, many people may have some sense like "writing and publishing an autobiography is embarrassing". Also there might be a lot of autobiographies in which the author gave up writing important details to live their rest of life peacefully. LastCapsule is more easy and light-hearted than the traditional autobiography and memoirs. Skills such as writing and composition cannot be acquired overnight, but "time capsule" format does not require such skills. Proof of your life, cherished memory, something you think important, put anything that comes in your mind. That's enough. Text, audio, video, blog/social media archives... you can include anything digital. There is nothing wrong even if the capsule is messed up or filled with something "unnecessary". You can put in or write down something you have forgotten whenever you think of it. You don't have to worry about whether your life looks worthy from another person's eyes. If you have something to brag about, feel free to do so. You can safely leave the facts, your values, your feelings, anything that is important in your life but you would like to keep in your heart during your lifetime. And the existence of your LastCapsule is kept secret until its open date. You won't feel any unnecessary shame. Personal records with honest and non-anonymous perspectives are extremely valuable for human history. Future humans might enjoy your LastCapsule as a content, use it as a research subject, or make effective use of it in some way.
  • If you are a creator of something, you have to know that it is extremely unlikely that your work will still remain after it goes 1000 years. Looking back at history, most of the creations are forgotten by people as the time passes and destined to disappear. You can prevent such "disappearance of creations" by using LastCapsule. By setting the open date after the expiration of intellectual property rights, you can "eternalize" the works that you have been involved in or you love very much without worrying about infringement of intellectual property rights. There is no need to worry if you make a mistake in calculating the expiration because LastCapsule follows anti-deleting policy. LastCapsule's operator will suspend viewing for a certain period of time, but the contents you put into the capsule will not be deleted.
  • Sometimes people think about the distant past. Like "People 100 years ago never have imagined that the world would be like this". Similarly, people think far into the future. Although the future is rarely what we imagine, it's fun to imagine the future anyway. Let's take the plunge to predict the future like "The future may look like...", and leave it in LastCapsule. Predictions, messages or other statements about futures would become valuable materials in the future. It's very rare that a prophecy is fulfilled. You don't have to worry about what to do if it turns out to be wrong. Give it a try with an easygoing mind.

If you hit upon any other wonderful uses other than above, feel free to try them out. You probably won't see the moment that your capsule is opened, but the time you spend thinking about the moment of its open and the future of humanity will surely be exciting.

Anytime is not too early to create your LastCapsule!

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LastCapsule provides "Free Trial Capacity" to every user. Feel free to try our "eternal digital time capsule"!